The Jerk Store

The Jerk Store


Come and witness The Jerk Store’s finest selection of wild and crazies!

With a curated our set list with 15 amazing comedians, playing 5 minutes each, assuring you of our best possible service with a 93% rate of “killing” laughters, paired with a soft, delicately bitter 7% rate of death of a comedian on stage, also known as “bomb”, when the silence follows a joke. The balance of both creating the essence of comedy’s magic, a great beauty!

Show 7:30pm – 10pm
Make sure to come early to grab a drink and pair it with a Cheese and/or Charcuterie platter
Bar open until 11pm / Kitchen open all day until 10pm

It all started in Angel Comedy London, where a bunch of twisted people with all sort of issues decided that despite looking for help, speaking into a microphone making jokes in front of strangers would be a better solution, and it was definitely… something!

“With stand-up comedy, you get to die and still live, that’s a beauty.”
Your host for this evening, Renaud Sanviti

Free entry, check in on the Jerk Store Event page