Ahoy! Soleshare A Better Way To Buy Fish

Ahoy! Soleshare A Better Way To Buy Fish

Soleshare London’s Fish Box Scheme

Some of you are familiar with Soleshare, some may not be, but this crew work directly with a handful of small scale fishermen who they know and trust. These guys fish responsibly: no trawling, no bycatch, no damage to the seabed.

As a member of SoleShare you get a share of the fisherman’s catch of the day. How much you want & how often you want it is up to you and with weekly recipes they’ll have you cooking up a seafood storm in no time.

Every Thursday they deliver the catch of the day directly to us here at the Barge House.
You can collect your order anytime between 5pm-8pm

Find out more and see how this works, visit www.soleshare.net