The Walls – Sainted Love

February 2020
C.A. Halpin

Private View: Pre Valentines Celebrations Thursday 13 February, 6-10pm
Exhibition running until 1 March,
10am-5pm Tuesday-Sunday

C.A. Halpin. A London based artist working across portraiture, print, illustration and performance. Sainted Love is a timely paean to St Valentine’s Day. A show about love, for each other and for the world around us, not just the modern Anglo-American St Valentine’s Day idea of celebrating romantic love, with notes, chocolates and flowers, but the venerated saint’s association with the advent of spring. It is a celebration of St Valentine as the bringer of roots and sprouts, plants and flowers, things that grow, those that crawl and stretch their legs to come out of the woodwork. It is the day that the world takes a deep breath, fills its lungs to welcome the new season. Traditionally, it is the day when the workers go out into the fields and in folklore, the day that the birds begin to twitter and tweet the news of their impending marriages as they think about building their handsome nest apartments.