Exhibition: 6 DECEMBER – 31 JANUARY 2020
Private View: 5 DECEMBER 6 -10pm

SPARKLES by NANA SRT is a series inspired by movement, female beauty, and the power of transition. It is the result of the artist’s many years working in the dance industry. SPARKLES depicts the dancers’ diversity and individuality within movement- a fleeting moment in time captured, allowing us the opportunity to reflect and dwell upon.
The series is an on-going project, exploring the various personalities of her female dancer subjects, with each dancer being assigned a different colour. The series is shot in-camera only, with no digital post-manipulation.

NANA SRT is Nana Sakura Rosalia Tinley who spent the past twenty years as a casting agent, providing dancers to the commercial industry.
Self taught on her father’s Nikon FM camera as a teenager, Nana kept her love for photography alive as a pastime throughout the years, until it slowly crept to the forefront again.
Nana continues to be drawn to performance and portrait, seeking individuality and beauty, originality and excitement.


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