The Invisible Woman meets… Black Eyed Susan – C.A. Halpin

The Invisible Woman meets… Black Eyed Susan – C.A. Halpin

Exhibition: 17 September- 8 November
Closing Event: Cancelled

“The Invisible Woman meets… Black Eyed Susan” a solo show by C.A. Halpin exhibiting two series of paintings side by side at The WALLS.

“The Invisible Woman meets…” is a series of paintings that are founded in a set of photographic collages, celebrating often unrecognised contemporary and historical female figures, including women artists, as well as myriad unsung heroines from every walk of life. The photographic collages are created by adding the artist’s green eyes onto an original image, addressing themes of female empowerment.
The paintings on show expand on this theme to become portraits of three women who have been overlooked or treated badly, as a result of their gender, age, or the colour of their skin. As the green eyes are overlaid onto the overlooked, this double portrait becomes an aesthetic sisterhood, removing the veil of obscurity as the invisible woman is noticed through the fierce, unblinking stare of The Invisible Woman. In the triptych we see Angelica Kaufmann an artist, born in the 18 th Century, Luscious, a white faced, black skinned 1960’s fashion model and Bette Davis as ageing actress Margot Channing, in the 1950’s Hollywood film, All About Eve.

“Black Eyed Susan” is this sumptuous psychedelic series of the twelve paintings dated from 2009-2012.
Below the surface of this dirty dozen painting, below the bubbles of desire are words wishes, saucy notes and obliterated desires. The viewer is hurled through space, passing pock marked planets and green streaked comets, a journey into the black hole on the edge of reality, through to the other side of a colourful cosmos. The paintings animate as the bubbles burst and drift into fields of pure colour.
The works chart the history of a relationship from the passion and pleasure at the beginning, the storytelling, the messing about, describing the desires and tensions as tales were told and taboos broken, through to the intensity, anger and loss at the end of the affair.  The written messages and images contained within the paintings are layered over and turned around until they become abstracted, distorted and almost impossible to read, yet giving the viewer an idea that they may be deciphered. Although as images they have neither top nor bottom, left nor right with the viewer guided through this cathartic tale only by the forms that emerge only to disappear true to the fashion in which they were painted.



















C.A. Halpin works across a broad spectrum of media including painting, drawing, sculpture and handwriting. The drawing “The Lungs of Love” from her previous show at The WALLS entitled “Sainted Love”, 2019 is displayed at the main entrance of the building.

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