Christmas At Home

Christmas At Home


The team behind The Barge House and Breakfast En Bread are well versed in providing great food and a good time.
We’re keen to keep delivering on this. Dinner for 2, on-line parties for 100’s.
A choice 3 celebratory foodie options to unify, engage and animate your virtual party.

  • Festive Feasting: Christmas, simple & delicious
  • ‘Lockdown Loony’ Zoom Party Box, by Deejay Wheelie Bag
  • Teatre Vivo Immersive Theatre and Pre-show Dining


Each Delivery includes: Your choice of Breakfast En Bread, half bottle of wine (red or white) or 2 cans of London Fields Pale Ale
Cost: choice of Bread + £9 for selected drinks offering

Sharing a table with friends is such simple pleasure. Our concise and inspired menu allows guests to join the virtual table.
Our signature sourdough has been given some festive love to create a delicious creative Christmas menu that’s super easy for all to prepare: pop in the oven for just 20mins and then you all have to do is take your seat.
Tradition in a non-traditional form.  


See all of our Breakfast En Bread Boxes Here


Each delivery includes: Your choice of Breakfast En Bread, half bottle of wine or 2 beers, London Field’s Brewery + interactive game
Cost: Choice of Bread + £9 for selected drinks offerig + £2.5pp for game card

Should you wish for a playful virtual Christmas ‘get together’, the Breakfast En Bread Team provide all you need for The Lockdown Loony Xmas Zoom Party.

This is an interactive character game – within each delivery box, each guest receives a character with their own story of tales of life under lockdown. It will be for guest to tell of their tales, captivate your audience and impress with their new skills acquired in ‘re-training’ as indicated but the card in the box.

Characters include:

The Mad Scientist
The Very Hungry Vampire
The Laid Off Underwear Sales Rep
The Venerable Doctor Voodoo
The Furloughed Burlesque Dancer
Santa’s Front-Line Helper

Each game card contains a Lockdown Loony Zoom character, outfit and roll card.

To make your outfit you will need a pair of scissors. String provided!

Game innovator & creator: Deejay Wheelie Bag
Character illustrations created by Vince Ray 


This game is great for Zoom as they are visually funny, interactive and engaging. One could say, this cut-out, performative storytelling game is the equivalent of an elaborate Christmas Cracker!

Please email if you wish to include this in your party

TeatroVivo Immersive Theatre, dinner & refreshments

Each box contains:  choice of selected Breakfast En Bread, half a bottle of wine or 2 beers and a ticket to the on-line theatre event.

Who hasn’t missed the joy of live performances this year?
We’re delighted to partner with Teatro Vivo to offer this bespoke package.

Teatro Vivo have been creating themed immersive celebrations for 15 years. For 2020 they’ve brought their extensive experience in interactive theatre, fun and group adventures to the online world. Breakfast En Bread deliver theatre dining and refreshments. A brilliant way to unite your team in a unique and contemporary manner.


Book an on-line Christmas Party Host to lead, encourage, entertain you and your guests.
Cost: choice of Bread + £9 for selected drink + £600 for selected Option 1 or 2

Option 1: Office Party

An online staff Christmas Party hosted by a character of your choosing, anything from a David Brent style manager, to The Angel Gabriel or Doreen the 90 year old granny.
Specific requests welcomed!

The story and events reveal themselves accordingly

‘Encore have hired a new manager, David Spent/The Angel Gabriel/Doreen, just before Christmas. Due to working from home, not many of the team have met him/her, but they’re incredibly keen to show their worth so have volunteered to host the online Christmas Party, which will be a night of Christmas themed games and general fun and silliness.

Team based activities optional

‘Naughty or nice
‘What’s in my sack?’
‘I saw X kissing Santa clause’
‘Pub Quiz round’
‘Christmas Crafting’

OPTION 2: ‘Make your Own Adventure’ narrative

Teatro Vivo actor will host a ‘choose your own adventure’ style storytelling evening, where you get to choose where the plot goes! Based on the style of the classic children’s stories, our host will lead your team on an online adventure.

The narrative would be created bespoke for your organisation, with each participant providing one or two facts about themselves in advance which can be woven into the story (which will be fun and fantastical)

The decisions participants make will determine the outcome – will they be successful on their quest?





They are an enthusiastic host, but as the night wears on we might be left wondering if they are quite right for the job…..

The House That Slipped

Help the residents of 12 Laburnum Drive get their house back from the year 2070 with a private performance of our critically acclaimed online show!
Theatre production, Recommended for larger organisations. Show lasts approximately 1.25 hours
Cost: choice of  Bread + £9 for selected drink + £3000 for theatre production

When the UK went into lockdown the residents of 12 Laburnum Drive, Brockley took the government advice very seriously. One month on they opened their front door to find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings. Their little house had floated away and come to rest in the year 2070. Although the future seems to be almost Utopian, they have started to think about how they could get home. They have discovered that Zoom still works on their laptops, and by a strange setting in the latest upgrade they seem to be able to contact people from 2020.

That’s where you come in: In small teams, meet the characters and help them to find their way back home to 2020. If they want to return, that is!

“The merits of the future and the present are ingeniously considered by Teatro Vivo.” – Susannah Clapp, The Observer

For corporate bookings and further information please contact