Serving the infamous Breakfast In Bread

‘One Hell of a Breakfast’ !

Our signature Breakfast In Bread has taken social media by storm. A bespoke sourdough loaf hollowed out and packed with all your breakfast favourites, as delicious and desirable as it looks!

We highly recommend adding a Bloody Mary and we house infuse our own vodkas, the perfect accompaniment to complete the brunch experience

We serve brunch every day, Tuesday to Sunday 10am – 4pm.


Reservations available here

Our bespoke Loaves

Each loaf is lovingly baked by ou neighbours The Better Health Bakery a charitable artisan bakery. As a social enterprise they bring the community together supporting wellbeing & recoveryfrom mental health.

We worked in partnership with their Head Baker to create our bespoke sourdough loaf, developing the perfect mix to hold the all the goodness of the Breakfast in Bread.

So tuck in and enjoy knowing that you’re supporting good work!betterhealthbakerylogo